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Booksforboyos reviews: Dreamseekers 1: Fright Flight by Lisa Ard

Lisa Ard, author of Dreamseekers: Fright Flight, has written a great story that explores the wild world of lucid dreaming.  A lucid dream is a dream where you are aware of what’s happening in the dream, and can control it.  With a light, easy style and a fast-paced plot, Ms. Ard has introduced a rich world that I hope she explores even more next time.


Ms. Ard has a great sense of description.  I really felt connected to the world she was creating every step of the way, whether it was in a dream with a sundae bigger than our hero, Patrick, or the huge explosions rocking the spaceships later on in the story, I always felt that Ms. Ard’s world was alive and vibrant.

The action scenes are also breathtaking and fast-paced, sure to keep readers hooked as Patrick makes split-second decisions as all manner of madness breaks out around him.


I have two little quibbles with Dreamseekers: Fright Flight.  As the first book in the series, I would have loved more detail on how the dreamseeking works, and how the family discovered their power in the first place.  It was such a fascinating concept that I couldn’t help but want to see Patrick explore it more from a discovering viewpoint.

My second hangup was the length, and not because I don’t like quick reads.  I loved the characters, and wanted to get to know them more, but all too soon, the story was over.


4/5 Stars.  Great plot, fun characters, and a very intriguing concept.  Just a bit on the short side to get know everyone really well.

Definitely check this one out, Booksforboyos peoples.  A great quick read, tons of fun.

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Booksforboyos officially launched!

Ladies, gentleman, small woodland creatures…here it is.  A review blog for books for boys, by a boy who just happens to write books for boys and is the proud father of three boys.  Whew.

This blog will focus on books for boys, the boys that everyone keeps saying don’t read anymore, but maybe they just don’t know what’s out there for them.  I am going to review books new & old, ones I read as a boy, ones I read more recently, and stories submitted to me by writers everywhere.

I will endeavour to write honest & fair reviews for every book I read, and gladly offer up review copies of my books for the same.

Other features will pop up as I learn about the art of blogging, but for now, let the reviewing commence!