Booksforboyos reviews: Dreamseekers 1: Fright Flight by Lisa Ard

Lisa Ard, author of Dreamseekers: Fright Flight, has written a great story that explores the wild world of lucid dreaming.  A lucid dream is a dream where you are aware of what’s happening in the dream, and can control it.  With a light, easy style and a fast-paced plot, Ms. Ard has introduced a rich world that I hope she explores even more next time.


Ms. Ard has a great sense of description.  I really felt connected to the world she was creating every step of the way, whether it was in a dream with a sundae bigger than our hero, Patrick, or the huge explosions rocking the spaceships later on in the story, I always felt that Ms. Ard’s world was alive and vibrant.

The action scenes are also breathtaking and fast-paced, sure to keep readers hooked as Patrick makes split-second decisions as all manner of madness breaks out around him.


I have two little quibbles with Dreamseekers: Fright Flight.  As the first book in the series, I would have loved more detail on how the dreamseeking works, and how the family discovered their power in the first place.  It was such a fascinating concept that I couldn’t help but want to see Patrick explore it more from a discovering viewpoint.

My second hangup was the length, and not because I don’t like quick reads.  I loved the characters, and wanted to get to know them more, but all too soon, the story was over.


4/5 Stars.  Great plot, fun characters, and a very intriguing concept.  Just a bit on the short side to get know everyone really well.

Definitely check this one out, Booksforboyos peoples.  A great quick read, tons of fun.

You can find more about Dreamseekers and Lisa Ard at


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