Booksforboyos officially launched!

Ladies, gentleman, small woodland creatures…here it is.  A review blog for books for boys, by a boy who just happens to write books for boys and is the proud father of three boys.  Whew.

This blog will focus on books for boys, the boys that everyone keeps saying don’t read anymore, but maybe they just don’t know what’s out there for them.  I am going to review books new & old, ones I read as a boy, ones I read more recently, and stories submitted to me by writers everywhere.

I will endeavour to write honest & fair reviews for every book I read, and gladly offer up review copies of my books for the same.

Other features will pop up as I learn about the art of blogging, but for now, let the reviewing commence!


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  1. Welcome to WordPress Jim! It’s a great platform for making a free blog and you can eventually turn it into a full fledged website if you want.

    This is a great idea too, by the way. Looking forward to your reviews!

  2. Love this!!! I used to teach seventh grade and I always said there were not enough good books for boys. This is awesome. I wrote a boys picture book (Not published …yet.) and am trying to write a Young Adult book now. So excited to read all your reviews!

  3. Hi Jim and thanks for following my blog – fingers crossed a book of mine can be reviewed for your boys one day…. 🙂 I’m all for sharing a love of reading and writing and think your blog is a great idea.

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